Snoop Dogg... ahem, Snoop LION, has taken on a new sound as of late, with his most recent album, 'Reincarnated,' due out April 23, having a distinct reggae vibe. The rapper has been teasing his 2013 LP by releasing a few songs for early listening, two of which just happen to feature pop divas Rita Ora and Miley Cyrus!

Now, the question is, which song are you feeling more: Rita Ora's duet with Snoop Lion on 'Torn Apart,' or Miley Cyrus' collaborative track with Snoop, entitled 'Ashtrays and Heartbreaks'?

Rita Ora isn't too surprising of a guest, since the British songstress has worked with lots of rappers in the past and has a soulful, edginess to her unique, pop-leaning vocals. The result of her teaming up with Snoop is a great, chill-out track perfect for the upcoming summer months. 'Torn Apart' has that unmistakable Diplo / Major Lazer sound and a classic reggae feel, with breezy synths, keys and drums, as well as a laid-back horn section.

Rita gets playful with her verses, and her vocals match up against Snoop's like a puzzle piece. In the first few lines, Ora sings, "I heard him speak, but then I saw his face / I knew he was the one, because I dreamt this day," in a lower register, before she and Snoop join forces on the chorus.

The same does not go for his collabo with Miley Cyrus, where he sings the verses, except for the pre-chorus and refrain, where Snoop and Miley croon together about 'Ashtrays and Heartbreaks.' We were actually pretty surprised to find out that Snoop was recording with Miley, but after we read his explanation for seeking her out, we totally got it: "Miley -- I've always been a fan of hers. And when she decided to go solo and do her thing, it was only right for us to connect. We both believe in the same things. She's going through transformation and change right now, just like myself."

Additionally, unlike the more lighthearted 'Torn Apart,' 'Ashtrays' has a sadder, weightier feel, as Miley and Snoop sing about the loneliness that often comes with falling in love: "Ashtrays and heartbreaks / I lost some, let's toast to one / So raise a glass to the memories / Set 'em free and fill up all those ashtrays / Fill up all those ashtrays."

Both songs are undeniably catchy, with excellent production and vocal delivery, but which is your favorite? Vote for Rita and Snoop's 'Torn Apart,' or Miley and Snoop's 'Ashtrays and Heartbreaks' below!

Listen to Snoop Dogg, 'Torn Apart' Feat. Rita Ora

Listen to Snoop Dogg, 'Ashtrays and Heartbreaks' Feat. Miley Cyrus