Rita Ora and Rihanna have been compared a lot in the past. From their similar facial features to the way they dress, everyone seems to think of Rita and RiRi as sistas from another mista. Well, the girls have one more thing in common that is less apparent, as both of the ladies have goddesses tattooed on their bodies. The question is, which of these ink jobs suits your fancy more?

While Ora has lots of ink, one of the 'Radioactive' singer's most prominent pieces of the portrait of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation, on her the inside of her left bicep. The beautiful Brit spoke to GQ about the ink, saying, "It's a picture of Aphrodite clutching a heart. Of all the characters in Greek mythology, it's the one with whom she most identifies. She infatuated a lot of gods with love. She's the Marilyn Monroe of goddesses."

Meanwhile, Rihanna's lower chest piece is of the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis, worshipped as the ideal mother and wife, and also associated closely with nature and magic. The 'Pour It Up' songstress got the huge piece of ink (probably her largest) after the passing of her Grandma Dolly, who Ri admired greatly and loved deeply. She posted a picture of the tat on Instagram, writing, "Goddess Isis - Complete Woman - Model for future generations - #GRANGRANDOLLY - always in and on my heart #1love."

So, while they have very different meanings for each of these pop divas, which tattoo's aesthetic do you personally prefer? Check out closer pics and vote below!

Urban Ink / Instagram