Congratulations, Rixton fans! All those weeks of tireless voting have finally paid off, because the boys' song "Hotel Ceiling" has officially been inducted into the Pop Clash Hall of Fame.

For the first week of Pop Clash, "Hotel Ceiling" was up against Charli XCX's "Doing It." Definitely a tough choice between the two, but Rixton's "Hotel Ceiling" clearly reigned supreme as the song beat out "Doing It" with an impressive 57% of fan votes.

The week after that, "Hotel Ceiling" faced off against Cody Simpson's super chill, laid-back track, "Flower." You guys pulled through yet again for Rixton, as they won that round, too, with a cool 55% of votes.

For the third week of Pop Clash, "Hotel Ceiling" was up against Taylor Swift's "Style" -- a formidable contender, if we do say so ourselves. But Rixton, once again, managed to come out on top with a massive 63% of votes going to "Hotel Ceiling." Nice job!

Finally, the very last round of Pop Clash, the one that settles it all, the most important week, saw Rixton's "Hotel Ceiling" up against Zedd's "I Want You to Know," featuring Selena Gomez. And while we're sure it was tough to choose between the two, the Ed Sheeran-penned "Hotel Ceiling" won in the end with 61% of votes.

So there you have it! Huge congratulations, once again, to Rixton for earning a spot in the Pop Clash Hall of Fame!

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