We're not gonna lie, we got to do something pretty freaking cool: oh, just hang with Rixton and watch them perform at NYC's JFK airport as part of JetBlue's Live From Terminal 5 concert series yesterday (Dec. 18). Not only was it our first time attending a concert at an airport, it was also the band's first experience performing at one.

"Time to spread our wings," Charley joked. (Airport jokes -- gotta love 'em.)

While we, you know, just casually chatted with the band in their dressing room, the guys of Rixton -- that would be Jake Roche, Charley Bagnall, Lewi Morgan and Danny Wilkin -- were eager to discuss the awesome event.

Though the guys made sure to take advantage of all the cool perks -- "We got 15 dollar discount cards for any of the food," Jake joked -- the band explained that the coolest part of playing at the event is connecting with fans.

"Getting up close and personal," Jake told us seriously. "We love doing personal shows and kind of live for it."

In fact, Danny recalled that when they were recording their upcoming debut album, 'Let the Road,' the band set up on the fire escape in order to treat all of the fans waiting down on the street to a surprise performance.

"We try our best to [go above and beyond]. That's why we're in an airport," they said with a laugh.

And that's one of our favorite things about Rixton: Besides their insane talent, crazy good looks and passion for their fans, they don't take everything too seriously. Take, for example, the moment in their JetBlue performance when they decided to introduce their next single, the Ed Sheeran-penned 'Hotel Ceiling,' and promptly informed the crowd that the airline was kind enough to fly him in to perform it with them. Of course, the entire audience (yes, us included) freaked the freak out before Jake started laughing at his own prank.

"You all fell for it," he joked. "Some ginger guy in the terminal is running for his life."

Ed Sheeran or no Ed Sheeran, it's clear that Rixton can put on a damn good show, delivering a ridiculously energetic set that also included their hit 'Me and My Broken Heart' as well as 'Wait on Me,' 'Appreciated' and even a festive cover of 'Rockin' Robin.' Um, can we have Rixton kill it in the terminal every time we go to the airport? Because that would be perfection.

Check out our exclusive videos of Rixton's performance at the event above and below, and be sure to keep it here on PopCrush for more Rixton news from our interview with them -- including all of their holiday faves! -- headed your way next week.

Watch Rixton Perform 'Wait on Me'

Watch Rixton Perform 'Hotel Ceiling'

Watch Rixton Perform 'Rockin' Robin'

Watch Rixton Perform 'Appreciated'