You may not have heard of Rixton...yet. But trust us. You will! Get to know them with this exclusive clip that PopCrush is proud to be premiering. The U.K. pop/rock/R&B band will drop the official video for their song 'Make Out' on Oct. 22. But you can preview it through this teaser, in which they spoof Lady Gaga's 'Applause' video, in all its smeared makeup glory!

The band is newly signed to Interscope, and this clips demonstrates a little good-natured ribbing on their new labelmate in the space of six seconds. Yes, we know, it's six seconds, but you still get a cool visual to tide you over until the full video lands next week.

A little background info: Rixton came together about three years ago and found their drummer playing pots and pans in the back alley of a pub. They've never looked back.

Their closest sonic relative would be Maroon 5, and they've made a name for themselves online by covering Taylor Swift and Rita Ora. We particularly dig their take on Ora's 'How We Do.'

Remember! You heard of Rixton here first!