If you're a Rixton fan, get ready to get stoked because their song "Hotel Ceiling" just won its second round of Pop Clash, this time against Cody Simpson's "Flower." Now it's time to put "Hotel Ceiling" up against Taylor Swift's "Style." We know it's a tough decision, but which song should win the Pop Clash?

Rixton's "Hotel Ceiling" is an insanely emotional track, with super sad lyrics about losing someone that you love. The worst part of that situation, is sometimes you wind up losing yourself along with them -- a totally universal feeling. Singer-songwriter extraordinaire, Ed Sheeran, may have actually penned the track, but Rixton does a fantastic job bringing it to life and putting their own spin on it. It's no surprise to us that it's done well so far.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift's "Style" is one of the slickest, coolest songs we've ever heard from her. With its funky guitar licks and it's visual-heavy lyrical content, it's a song that's totally dark and mysterious -- quite a departure from her fairytale, enchanted days. It should also be noted that "James Dean daydream" has become one of our favorite phrases to enter the pop cultural sphere in all of 2014. In other words? "Style" has been on repeat ever since 1989 first dropped way back in October.

Which song would you choose to win this round of Pop Clash? You can vote for either Rixton’s "Hotel Ceiling" or Taylor Swift's "Style" once per hour until the poll closes at 3PM ET on Feb. 23.

Watch Rixton's "Hotel Ceiling" Video Below

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