After first giving birth, most celebrities opt for a full-page spread in People magazine, or they share photos of their newborn somewhere on social media ala Beyonce and Jay-Z. Leave it to Robbie Williams to really go the extra mile for his fans. How, exactly, is he doing that? He's currently live-vlogging his wife giving birth, of course.

Robbie's wife, Ayda Field, went into labor last night (Oct. 27), prompting the Take That singer to document the entire thing via Twitter. At first, things made sense. He and his wife were joking around, waiting for the birth to begin. He first tweeted a photo of Ayda's shoes, letting fans know he and his wife were at the hospital.

Then things got silly:

Then intense:

Until finally things got weird:

The above clip -- aka our favorite, naturally -- shows Robbie singing 'Let It Go' from 'Frozen' as he stands over his wife, who seems to actually be giving birth. She's being encouraged by the nurse to push when Robbie begins serenading her with the oddly appropriate (well... kind of) song choice, until she finally asks him to stop.

So far the live-vlogging has ended there, but we'll be sure to keep you updated if anything else surfaces. Check out the super intimate videos above (and the rest on Robbie's Twitter)!

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