It must be good to be Robin Thicke. In his French-inspired video for 'Love After War,' the soul crooner canoodles with his wife Paula Patton after they have a heated argument. Although this is Thicke's video, all eyes will be on the beautiful Patton.

Directed by the legendary videographer Hype Williams, the crooner sings his apologetic ode as the blonde-wigged Paula is seen in various scenes of semi-undress and wearing a body-hugging bathing suit. The Hollywood starlet looks amazingly sexy and is obviously comfortable with her body. Patton was the perfect love interest as we see her slithering around showing off her thighs, legs and booty. Thicke is such a lucky guy.

But don't worry ladies, there's plenty of eye candy for you, too. Thicke takes off his shirt and shows off his hard six-pack abs and muscular arms. The soul crooner also looks very dapper in his yellow V-neck sweater, white dress shirt and black shades, as well.

Robin Thicke's 'Love After War' video is sensual, stylish and sexy. The visuals match perfectly to the singer's lush ballad. It's a win-win all the way around. Bravo!

Watch the Robin Thicke, 'Love After War' Video