Maybe Robin Thicke tossed back a few (too many) at Pharrell Williams launch party for his new Qream brand liqueur and that helped him loosen up and take the stage to perform a karaoke version of Lil Wayne's 'A Milli.'

To his credit, though, Thicke did quite an entertaining job soaring through Weezy's hip-hop anthem, all the while looking like a sharp-dressed man in his shiny black blazer. Or maybe Thicke didn't drink at all and just digs Weezy so much that he can karaoke one of the rapper's most famous cuts at will. What's important is that Thicke had a good time on the stage and was highly entertaining.

Thicke is known as a blue-eyed soul singer and his soulfulness certainly spilled onto the stage during his rework of 'A Milli.' But while it may have been impromptu, Thicke didn't look foolish at all. He certainly had Weezy's rhymes, gestures and moves down to a T, so we're thinking that 'A Milli' must be his signature karaoke jam. Or that he's done it before.

We have to admit, though. The performance sorta reminded us of Michael Bolton in 'Office Space,' when he's spewing gangsta rap in his car while driving to work for a long day at Initech.

Watch Robin Thicke Perform Lil Wayne 'A Milli'