Jay-Z and Kanye West's anthem 'N---as in Paris' is beginning to catch on with America since the duo performs it upteenth times at their 'Watch the Throne' concerts. Robin Thicke surprised fans Friday night (Dec. 16) when he sang the "Don’t let me into my zone" hook from the song during his concert at the Key Club in Los Angeles.

Thicke put his soulful spin on it using the refrain as a testament to his crooning skills. "You are now watching the throne / Don't let me into my zone, don't let me into my zone," he seranaded the crowd.

After he finished his trip through Paris, Thicke got a little gangsta and demanded his band to turn up the music. The 'Love After War' singer asked the crowd, "Can you hear the acoustic guitar?" Then he look at his guitarist and demands, "Turn that m-----f-----in' acoustic up."

This isn't the first time that Thicke karaoked a chart-topping hit song. This past summer, at a Pharrell Williams party, he performed a rendition of Lil Wayne's 'A Milli,' much to the delight of the audience.

Robin Thicke's new album 'Love After War' is in stores now.

Watch Robin Thicke Sing 'Don't Let Me Into My Zone' Hook