If you are feeling sad and blue during the maniac rush of the holidays, then listen to Robin Thicke's 'Never Give Up.' It's an uplifting track off his fifth LP 'Love After War,' which is in stores now. It's a great pick-me-upper that sounds more like an anthem for our recession than an ode to love.

Over a symphonic production that include flutes, violins, trumpets and harps, Thicke sings words of encouragement to those who are depressed and feels hopeless in today's society. "Lost your job, lost your mind / Livin' on the street for the second time / All you do is dream / Mornin' noon and night / I see blue skies in front of me," he croons.

The orchestral sounds on 'Never Give Up' make this also an accidental holiday song, as well. You can play this song next to 'The Nutcracker' and you wouldn't even notice the difference. At nearly two-and-a-half minutes long the track is very brief, much to our chagrin, but it's a great song from the soul crooner. Bravo!

Listen to Robin Thicke, 'Never Give Up'