Robin Thicke was a (wo)man down on 'Duets.' With his team member Alexis Foster eliminated last week, it was up to Thicke and last woman standing, er, singing Olivia Chisholm to keep him active in the competition. On tonight's episode (June 13), the superstars and their amateur partners were asked to sing party songs, so Thicke and Chisholm partnered up for Al Green's 'Let's Stay Together.'

They began the performance with Chisholm's back to Thicke, creating an air of mystery and sexual subtext. As the song progressed, she kept moving away while he followed. It was impressive and memorable staging. We said it last week and we will say it again. Thicke's wife, actress Paula Patton, must be watching this show with her fists clenched and teeth gritted, because her bouffanted hubby is having a really great time gettin' it on, vocally speaking. All in good fun, though.

Chisholm sparkled in a strapless, silver mini and shimmery eye makeup. She shone on the final notes, too. She has a buttery smooth tone to her voice and while her softness was remarkable, she didn't exude much strength. But then again, that's really not her style or what this song called for. She handled the material well, though.

We wouldn't exactly call this a party song, at least not the way that Thicke and Chisholm delivered it. But they served up an entertaining platter of classic, old school '70s soul.

Chisholm still ended up in the bottom two, so he had to sing for her life, choosing to belt out 'I Can't Make You Love Me' a cappella. It was good enough to keep her in the competition for another week.


Watch Robin Thicke + Olivia Chisholm Perform 'Let's Stay Together'