On tonight's (June 28) episode of 'Duets,' the always fabulously coiffed Robin Thicke and his sole remaining singing partner Olivia Chisholm (and her miles of legs) teamed up for a sensual and sultry version of Lady Antebellum's mega smash 'Need You Now,' which Thicke deemed one of the best songs of the new millennium. The ep is focusing on songs of this particular period in music history, so there you have it.

How did the duo fare with the performance of said song, on which the viewing public will cast their votes? It was romantic and extra sexy from start to finish, back to front, in and out. Thicke and Chisholm took a country song and gave it a palpable dose of R&B flavor.

Chisholm, who seriously has some of the best and most shapely gams we've seen on a reality TV performer in like ever, was a bit pitchy in parts of her performance, which is likely due to nerves since it was live television.

There was crackling chemistry between the singer and her partner. Thicke may hate to be called blue-eyed soul, but that's exactly what he is. It's to his credit, since he was able to take a decidedly pop-meets-country hit and give it a different flair. Nice job, Robin and Olivia.

Now it's up to the public to decide if Olivia Chisholm will live to sing another day ... on the show at least.

Watch Robin Thicke + Olivia Chisholm Perform 'Need You Now' on 'Duets'