Robin Thicke reunites with his good friend Lil Wayne in the tender ballad 'Pretty Lil' Heart,' from his upcoming new LP 'Love After War.' The song features the softer sides of Weezy and Thicke as they comfort their lovers with soothing lyrics.

Tunechi is soft-spoken and sincere with his opening verse on the soulful tune. He raps, "You commit, I commit / She say she love me, I’m convinced / Don't need a rocket scientist to see that you and I are meant."

Thicke follows with lyrics asking his lover to reassure him that her devotion for him is true. "Tell me that I’m sexy / Like I was before / Tell me I got it / That you want it even more / Tell me that you’ll never, ever / Ever leave me side, side / Tell me cause you know / I need to hear it every night," he sings.

'Pretty Lil' Heart' is a great song and it's good to hear Thicke return to his soulful territory. We don't know if radio will embrace the single, but it's perfect for those romantic nights when you want to cozy up to your mate. If you like the song, it will be available via iTunes on Nov. 8. Thicke's full-length studio album hits stores on Dec. 6.

Listen to Robin Thicke, 'Pretty Lil' Heart' feat. Lil Wayne