Soul man Robin Thicke was all about swagger and sex during his recent appearance on 'Chelsea Lately.' Thicke came out sporting sunglasses and a cocky attitude, causing Chelsea to ask what was going on with the singer. "Actually, I'm enjoying life," he coolly responded. "I think I've just blossomed into a lotus flower."

He went on to discuss his new album, 'Love After War,' which includes the song 'All Tied Up,' a track inspired by his actress wife's refusal to have sex with him "for a couple days."

"What happened was, she was busy on the set, and I was losing my mojo," he explained. "I was taking care of the baby -- we have a new year and a half old son ... After a week or so, I wasn't gettin' none. She's workin' hard, she's comin' home at midnight everyday, and finally I was like, 'I need to make a song that's gonna put her in some lingerie.'"

Thicke evidently takes after his dad, actor Alan Thicke, who Robin called a ladies' man, noting that he hosted every pageant he could during the height of his success. "I don't care if it was Miss Thailand, he was there," Robin said. "He ended up having a bevy of beautiful goddesses visiting the house on a weekly basis there for awhile. I was 13 years old like, 'Pops is puttin' it down!'"

'Love After War,' which features a Lil Wayne cameo, entered the album chart at No. 22 earlier this month.

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