Robin Thicke's baby-blue eyes and coy smile illustrates the cover of his upcoming album 'Love After War.' The singer describes the collection as songs about the ups and downs of a married couple as they embark on their new journey of matrimony.

The singer revealed the track listing to the album and what sticks out the most is that it's short on guest features -- and this could be a good thing. The only collaboration on the set is from his good friend Lil Wayne who appears on the ballad 'Pretty Lil' Heart,' which he just released online.

Surveying the song titles, we can see he has a few lovey-dovey joints like 'Cloud 9' and 'Lovely Lady.' We're not sure how 'I'm an Animal' fits into Thicke's musical journey of martial bliss but we have a couple of guesses. Of course, we enjoyed the title track with its smooth jazz sound and his feathery falsetto.

Robin Thicke's fifth album 'Love After War' will arrive in stores on Dec. 6.

Check out the 'Love After War' Track Listing:

1. 'An Angel on Each Arm'
2. 'I’m an Animal'
3. 'Never Give Up'
4. 'The New Generation'
5. 'Love After War'
6. 'All Tied Up'
7. 'Pretty Lil' Heart' feat. Lil Wayne
8. 'Mission'
9. 'Tears on My Tuxedo'
10. 'Boring'
11. 'Lovely Lady'
12. 'Dangerous”'
13. 'Full Time Believer'
14. 'I Don’t Know How It Feels to Be U'
15. 'Cloud 9'
16. 'The Lil’ Things'
17. 'What Would I Be?'