Our sister site ScreenCrush is paying tribute to Robin Williams in the form of a video compilation of some of the legendary actor's finest roles.

As we all struggle to make sense of Williams' untimely death, we're seeking comfort in his movies -- films that made us laugh, films that made us cry, films that made us see the genuine talent and range of emotion of the immensely talented actor.

As memorable scenes from 'Hook,' 'Aladdin,' 'Mrs. Doubtfire,' 'Jumanji,' 'Good Will Hunting,' 'Flubber,' Patch Adams,' 'One Hour Photo,' and many more flash across the screen, some of Williams' most fitting quotes are heard over the movie clips.

"Death is not the enemy, gentlemen," he says poignantly in his role as Patch Adams. "If we're going to fight a disease, lets fight one of the most terrible diseases of all: indifference."

"I know sometimes you feel a little uncoordinated, and you don't feel as wonderful as everybody else, feeling as alone and separate as you feel you are," Williams says in 'The Fisher King,' in a speech that hits that much harder after his death. "I love you."

Watch the moving tribute above, and continue to honor the memory of Robin Williams by tuning into PopCrush's Robin Williams-inspired playlist on Beats Music here.