Robin Williams' widow, Susan Schneider Williams, and his children from his first two marriages are reportedly fighting over the late comedian's estate and properties, as well as clothing, awards and other possessions.

Rolling Stone reports that Susan first filed her claims in Dec. 2014, while Robin's children filed their papers in Jan. 2015. Susan alleges that Robin's children removed items that once belong to Robin without her permission. She is also asking that the court allow her to keep certain things that were left in the house that the two shared, despite Williams reportedly leaving some of those items to his children.

Robin's children, meanwhile, are claiming that Susan is "adding insult to a terrible injury" as she is attempting to change a trust that their late father left behind, in an attempt to own personal items of his. An attorney representing the children said (quote via Yahoo!), "The Williams' children are heartbroken that Petitioner, Mr. Williams' wife of less than three years, has acted against his wishes by challenging the plans he so carefully made for his estate."

Robin reportedly left his memorabilia and awards as well as other personal items to his children, while Susan believes it makes sense for them to only have the items left to them that are part of Robin's home in Napa. She goes on to claim that certain items were removed from the home the couple shared in Tiburon, Calif., days after his death. She says she does not want anything that has to do with Robin's career, but "personal collections of knickknacks and other items that are not associated with his famous persona."

Robin Williams stunned the world when he was found dead of an apparent suicide on Aug. 11, 2014. He was 63 years old.