When Swedish pop star Robyn finds herself trapped in an abandoned gymnastics gym in her sparkling new 'Call Your Girlfriend' video, she does the only logical thing: She dances.

From the get-go, you know since this girl has her colorful '80s pants on, she's ready to dance. This super fun video is kind of like a movie-sized representation of how every teenage girl flails around her bedroom to her favorite song -- and Robyn just may have added 'Call Your Girlfriend' into the CD changer.

Robyn is just bouncing about, minding her own business, when suddenly the sunlit room goes dark and she's twirling among flower-shaped lights like a modern-day hipster ballerina.

Things get really crazy when she starts rolling around on the floor. We gotta give it to our girl Robyn though, because not many artists can rock a music video with only their sweet dance moves and a few special effects lights.

It's especially cute when she wipes her nose on her sleeve before the screen goes black. We kid ... Tres bien video!

'Call Your Girlfriend' appears on the singer's aptly named fall 2010 album, 'Body Talk.' Robyn will dance her way onto the Katy Perry California Dreams tour stage as the opening act, starting June 7 in Atlanta, Ga.

Watch the Robyn 'Call Your Girlfriend' Video