Back in May, Swedish dance-pop sensation and "Dancing on My Own" hitmaker Robyn announced she was working with a new musical project called La Bagatelle Magique, a collaborative effort among her, keyboardist Markus Jägerstedt, and the late producer Christian Falk. The group premiered their debut single "Love Is Free" in June, which served as the title track for their debut EP released in August. But it never received an official music video...until now!

Earlier today, Robyn uploaded the official video to YouTube, and it's a very curious 5-minute clip to behold.

The video begins with Robyn and Maluca Mala, dressed in sexy pajamas, jumping around on a pink silk bed. The two share a quick cup of tea before playing around in some white tulle and engaging in some sexy, homoerotic pillow talk (totally safe for work, though).

The bedroom then transforms into a modeling set that appears to be shooting some kind of jungle scene: Jägerstedt is painting his entire face with "blood" and he is dressed in khaki explorer/archaeologist garb. Robyn and Maluca quickly invade the scene, turning it into a raucous and fierce rap/dance sequence. Robyn is dressed in a red, sexy one-shoulder dress, and Maluca in a 90s-style oversized sweatshirt and gold lame knee-high boots.

Cut to a quick scene inside a kitchen somewhere with all of our jungle explorers/archaeologists congregating around some fly-infested confections. Jägerstedt has gotten cleaned up since we last saw him, but not for a long: a strange yellow balloon rises out of the sink and explodes in his face.

We then see a well-dressed couple engaged in an amorous conversation. The handsome male expresses his love for his female companion in subtitles like, "I owe you everything. You owe me nothing." Love is free, after all!

The video ends with a quick shot of Robyn and Maluca properly dressed for the day having a short-lived pillow fight, and they (along with Jägerstedt) exit the studio.

While the scenes make little sense together in terms of narrative, the visuals, colors, and dance sequences capture the spirit of the song: the liberation and celebration that come with recognizing that love is indeed free.

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