Robyn was the musical guest on 'Saturday Night Live' on Dec. 10, sharing the bill with her former tourmate Katy Perry, who hosted the show. Robyn performed two songs from 'Body Talk' that evening, including 'Call Your Girlfriend' and 'Dancing on My Own.'

The Swedish singer offered an energetic performance, backed by two drum kits and a keyboard/synth player. She wore platform boots, and showed off her signature dance moves during both songs, writhing around the stage with confidence.

Unfortunately, the audience didn't see a collaboration between Robyn and Perry, but the 'Teenage Dream' singer did give her California Dreams tour buddy a warm introduction both times during the program.

The appearance was Robyn's first time as a musical guest on the show, as well as Perry's hosting debut. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the episode drew the highest ratings in five weeks, thanks to the one-two punch of the pop stars.

During rehearsals, Perry was asked if she had any advice for Robyn, and she said, "I don't need to give her advice. She needs to give me advice. She's cool, dude. She makes everyone cooler. ... She's just, like, the epitome of effortless cool, like you look at her wardrobe and you think, 'I don't think I could wear that,' but she wears it and she just owns it."

Watch Robyn Perform 'Call Your Girlfriend' on 'SNL'

Watch Robyn Perform 'Dancing on My Own' on 'SNL'