In Jawbreaker, Rose McGowan's character, Courtney, famously gagged her friend with the titular candy to shut her up, but McGowan, herself, has no plans of similarly keeping quiet.

Yesterday, McGowan shined a big, bright light on the topic of Hollywood chauvinism when she claimed her agent had fired her for disparaging remarks she'd made about a sexist casting call for an Adam Sandler film. "The awesome thing about being an artist? You can't be fired from your own mind. #FREEDOM," she optimistically tweeted in the aftermath, and it seems she's still undeterred from pushing the gender-equality conversation forward.

In an interview with Nylon yesterday (June 25), McGowan said it wasn't just the casting call's note to sport cleavage that got her fired up, it was its undercurrent of condescension to women.

"[The casting announcement] was insulting because it said, 'Make sure you read the scripts to understand the context of the scene.'" McGowan elaborates in the clip above. "Thank you, Mr. Man. I'm not smart enough to figure that one out on my own."

She says it's a shame the talented, creative types in Hollywood are often overlooked in favor of big budgets and fame-seekers, and says the film industry will suffer if producers continue to perpetuate the stereotypes of hot, dumb women.

"There's this, like, dickery, as I call it, where they're just stuck in this Mad Men-slash-Entourage era where they're just boring," she notes. "It's kind of embarrassing."

She says it's dangerous, too, as the industry is slowly cultivating a reputation of producing pure, unadulterated crap.

"We used to be at the forefront of moving things, and we are not," she asserts. "You're goddamn right I have an agenda. I have an agenda for people to be better humans."

What do you think of McGowan's words, and has calling out "dickery" left you inspired? Sound off in the comments.

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