Camera ready? Gameface? Oh, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was the queen of understatements with the caption of her nearly-naked, cell phone-taken selfie in which she flashed some serious sideboob.

The actress, model and girlfriend of action hero Jason Statham posted a shot of herself clad in a white, plush, hotel-style bathrobe and not much else. The robe is barely closed as she pouts with her signature voluptuous, Angelina Jolie-like lips and golden hair tumbling around her face. "Drop dead" doesn't even begin to describe the level of gorgeous she embodies.

Anyone else like that heart tattoo on her hand? We know, it took us a few minutes to notice it, as well. Our eyes were certainly drifting south.

As Madonna said, "Strike a pose – there's nothing to it!" RH-W, 26, took that to heart (no, not a pun about the inking on her hand, either) and rocked it in the shot.

With a revealing image like this being shared on social media, Huntington-Whiteley doesn't need to worry about people hacking into her private cell phone photos. Here, she is in control of how much she lets hang out -- literally and figuratively.