Valentine's Day might be right around the corner, but this week on 'Glee,' love took a back seat to a different kind of passion. For the teachers, this was all about the steady climb to the top, and two of them just might be in direct competition.

You all remember Roz Washington, right? The fast-talking, insult-slinging firecracker of a swim coach from the 'Yes/No' episode? Well, she's back, and it looks like she's after Sue's prescious Cheerios. She claims that Sue's routines for the cheer squad are staright out of the '50s, and aims to spice things up a bit with some new choregraphy. If this means seeing more of Roz, then bring it on!

While we love us some Jane Lynch, the Sue Syvester character was getting a little bit tired, and it seems like 'Glee' writers were having trouble coming up with new stunts for her to pull. Roz Washington is just what we need to light a fire under Sue. Everybody, sit back and watch the sparks fly. It's going to be a wild ride.