Russian producer and DJ Rudenko, who you might remember from his international smash "Everybody," as well as being the first DJ in the world to open the Winter Olympic Games with his set during the 2014 Sochi ceremony, has returned to provide some springtime serenity on the dance floor.

"Wake Up," the DJ's newest single out today (May 6), destroys the more common stereotypes of dance culture: no crashing beat breakdowns and fist-pumping, adrenaline-surging EDM festival fever to be found on this release. Instead, the deep house tune provides some peaceful, chilled-out vibes throughout the gently pulsating production, complete with a vocal assist by singer Rachel K Collier.

"Can I count on you? Can I come to you? Can I be with you? Can I trust in you?" she croons. For those in the mood for melodic dance floor escape that doesn't aim to demolish the floor with pulverizing breakdowns, this one truly ought to uplift.

Listen to "Wake Up" above.

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