These days Rumer Willis is busy killing it on Dancing with the Stars, but growing up in the spotlight hasn't always been easy on Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter.

"People have such an immediate judgment of me because I have tattoos or because my hair is sometimes crazy," Rumer told PEOPLE. "[They think] I'm this reckless child of famous parents."

"I've traveled to some really incredible places, but my basic math skills are horrendous," she told the magazine of the upsides and downsides of having celebrities for parents. "It's an interesting trade-off."

Rumer also spoke to the magazine about how she struggled to make friends when she was younger. "In high school I had a much easier time interacting with adults than with my peers. So that was a weird transition," she said.

Rumer, an actress and singer in her own right, discussed how having famous parents affected her ability to navigate her own career. "Just because I was their kid, I started getting attention before my own work got recognition," she said.

You may have seen Rumer in movies like Wild Cherry, The House Bunny and Sorority Row. She's also guest-starred on TV shows like Pretty Little Liars and 90210. Despite her lengthy resume, Dancing with the Stars just might be the big break she needs — Rumer and her partner, Valentin Chmerkovskiy, have been clear front runners since day one.

"For the first time in my life I've gotten to a place where I'm really stoked about just taking care of myself and figuring out what I want," Rumer said.

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