Whether it's pacing yourself out in the open air or hitting the treadmill at your local gym, a good run or jog can be a part of anyone's healthy exercise routine. For some people, however, the act of forcing oneself to run can be burdensome. Even if they do somehow convince themselves to lace on some sneakers and start running, it can be a chore to push one's performance past their own mental ability. A good running songs playlist is always beneficial, and we've assembled a list of songs on Beats Music to get you going on your run. They vary in genre and speed so you can change your pace accordingly. So what are you waiting for? Play these songs, head out the door and start running!

  • New Politics, 'Harlem'

    This breakout tune from the Danish pop-rock group New Politics is a great starting song to warm up to. The midtempo beat set to the cheerful claps and anthem provides enough encouragement without adding too much pressure to do too much right away. The chorus' lyrics also add a little motivation as the band shouts, "When it gets loud, I turn it up / Shake it like a bad girl up in Harlem."

  • The Black Keys, 'Lonely Boy'

    For the next running song, we've selected a more upbeat rock tune: 'Lonely Boy' by the Black Keys. At 171 bpm (beats per minute), the song is designed to get you moving faster. This fast-paced sing out loud song will get your heart pumping and send the tempo for your run.

  • Jason Derulo, 'Talk Dirty' (Feat. 2 Chainz)

    Time to crank it up a bit more! For the third running song in the playlist, Jason Derulo's 'Talk Dirty ' featuring 2 Chainz has a beat drop that you can time some sprints to. This dance club hit will put a spring to your step, making it a great song for jogging.

  • Bastille, 'Pompeii'

    Bastille's 'Pompeii' will allow you to keep moving without slowing down too much. The song features a mix of indie rock with synthpop and starting with the opening chants, the booming beats will have you running at a steady pace until your next challenge.

  • DJ Snake & Lil Jon, 'Turn Down for What'

    You're at the halfway point of your run. Good job! Now we're going to turn the music up a notch in order for you to get over that hump. 'Turn Down for What' is 2014's go-to pump up song with its infectious bass drop. Not many songs from the trap genre have become popular in the mainstream, but 'Turn Down for What' has proven to be a hit in the minds of many. Blast the song out loud and get your feet moving faster with this perfect running song.

  • Capital Cities, 'Safe and Sound'

    'Safe and Sound' will bring the intensity down a bit in terms of rhythm, but the positive, upbeat tune won't slow your run down too much. The duo's indietronic single became a radio hit with its catchy hook, "I could lift you up / I could show you what you wanna see / And take you where you wanna be." Having a repetitive beat in your head will keep your pace going for a little while longer until the end.

  • Martin Garrix, 'Animals'

    Martin Garrix's high octane electronic hit 'Animals' will pump you through to the end. This is the last sprint, so you'll need every bit of encouragement to push hard through the aches and pain. Garrix's breakthrough is devoid of lyrics, with the only phrase shouted being "We're the f------ animals!" Use that motivation in this running song and end on a strong note!

  • Afrojack, 'Ten Feet Tall'

    Congratulations, you made it this far! It's time to stand 'Ten Feet Tall.' Afrojack's single off of his 2014 debut album 'Forget the World' is another electronic dance tune but with a more freeing spirit compared to 'Animals.' You'll stand tall when you look back at how far you've come without giving up.

  • Lorde, 'Team'

    It's time to cool down but you're not quite finished yet. You may have labeled yourself your own underdog, but Lorde's 'Team' will invoke that spirit of rising from the crowd. The song was written by Lorde in an effort to shine light on her native country of New Zealand, but it also takes a stand against popular music. The lyrics about courage fits in nicely as a wind-down jogging song as you squash any self-doubt you may have had along the way.

  • Aloe Blacc, 'The Man'

    You're at the end. Congratulations! You've made it this far on your run (thanks to this running songs playlist), and now there's nothing else to do but celebrate. Take an extra victory and give yourself a pat on the back. Aloe Blacc's 'The Man' celebrates confidence and victory and is an inspiring tune for men or women. Take a step back, sing out loud to 'The Man,' and get ready to do it all over again next time.