With the help of 'Live! With Kelly and Michael,' Russell Brand was educated on America's great holiday for gluttony: Thanksgiving. And who better to teach him about it than an unabashed group of small children?

Russell visited a group of school kids in an attempt to learn more about the annual tradition, and while his rapport with the kids was totally hilarious and endearing, our favorite part might have to be the priceless look on his face when his famous popstar ex-wife's name was brought up in conversation.

Russell made the mistake of asking a group of young children who they would invite to their Thanksgiving dinners if they had the choice of inviting anyone at all. One girl very sweetly said she would invite Russell -- to which he hilariously responded, "Aw! That is so cute! That's what makes it all the harder to put you in the punishment box."

But when another classmate said she would invite Katy Perry to her dinner, Russell quickly responded, "Katy Perry? I don't know who that is." Ouch!

He was a good sport about the whole thing, ending the segment by saying, “Thanks to these genuine Americans — and a hurtful mention of my ex-wife — I, Russell Brand, an Englishman, now have a much better understanding of Thanksgiving the tradition."

Check out the full video posted above!

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