Russell Brand is a pretty good ex-husband to have. The former flame of Katy Perry is letting the 'Part of Me' singer keep their mansion. The comedian has surrendered all of his rights to the property.TMZ reports that Brand filed a "quitclaim deed," granting Perry full ownership of their once-shared palatial pad. Sources report that the move is part of the property agreement between Brand and Perry following their December split.

It's the latest in a series of moves that paint Perry and Brand's bust up as relatively amicable. Brand also turned down taking any of Perry's earnings from throughout their marriage -- he was entitled to half and could have walked away with over $30 million! Perry even signed her divorce papers with a smiley face, though it's unclear whether she was happy in general or just thrilled to be away from her ex.

Of course, not everything within the pair's divorce is sunshine and rainbows, obviously. Perry's best friend recently revealed that Brand may well have cheated on the starlet when they were together. Perhaps the funnyman is trying to compensate for that bad karma!

Though she insists her latest No. 1 hit isn't about Brand, it sounds like he could actually sing the lyrics to her: "In fact, you can keep everything."