Oftentimes we think to ourselves: “It sure must be nice to be a celebrity. Free things, world-wide love and adoration, Harry Styles’ phone number.” But then we remember that sometimes, fans take it way too far and things can get a bit scary.

That’s exactly what happened to Ryan Gosling, who was recently granted a temporary restraining order against an alleged stalker named Grace Marie Del Villar. Apparently, Del Villar has been stalking not only Ryan but his family members and friends, and she allegedly claims to be Ryan’s “twin flame.”

According to the court documents, Del Villar (Quotes via E!): "travel(ed) cross-country from New York to Los Angeles, track(ed) down and show(ed) up uninvited late at night" at "a Gosling family-member residence and demand(ed) entry and access to the Goslings.”

Del Mar also believes the Goslings know her personally, as the documents go on to say that she "believes she knows the Gosling family, and that they know her, and that they are actually searching for her and have been for the past three-years.”

Worse, still, is the fact that Del Mar has reportedly sent letters and emails to Ryan’s family and friends. In one message sent to his sister Del Mar allegedly wrote: “FYI…I am kicking your brother’s a--- and his head for his darkness…”

She has also sent them "a church pamphlet with [her] handwritten notes on it” as well as a “page torn from a magazine which featured Eva Mendes.”

Understandably, Ryan is concerned. He “has real and reasonable fears for his and his families’ safety, and that of those around them.” His request for a three-year restraining order against Del Villar (which would prohibit her from coming within 100 yards of Ryan and his family) will be ruled on Dec. 10. For now, the temporary restraining order should keep Del Villar at a distance.