The stars of 'Glee' are almost always harping about how awesome, amazing, wonderful and fantastic co-creator Ryan Murphy is, but is that just what they're being paid to say? According to a source close to the show, Ryan Murphy is the biggest bully at McKinley High and is a total nightmare on set.

"Things are really bad on set," the unnamed insider reports, according to US Magazine. "The cast talks about how much they love Ryan, but they have grown to hate him." Another no-name source echoed that info, confirming that Ryan is on the naughty list this year. "He has bad mood swings and can be really mean," the second source says.

While none of the favored 'Glee' stars have outwardly bashed their boss' bad habits, Harry Shum Jr., who plays Mike Chang, did admit "the 16-hour days are a bit rough." Yeah, we can imagine! Additionally, Lea Michele is forever tweeting about being on set, and in fact just Monday was chatting with her followers about recouping after a long day. She tweeted, "Nothing like a 15 hour day to start the week! Back home now catching up on some #Dexter!"

As if the tough work environment wasn't bad enough, no one got raises this semester, and the cast apparently doesn't get paid from their iTunes releases, despite their chart-topping success. We all know that it's best not to believe everything that you hear, but maybe the show is not as 'Glee'-ful as it seems, after all.