If the Island of Misfit Toys were to recede into an ocean basin, we now know one good spot where its inhabitants could hide.

"Ur Cool," the debut single by Finnish singer and YouTube personality SAARA, is aggressive, chirpy and more colorful than a Twister-playing peacock. The corresponding video, which the performer released earlier today, matches it step-for-step—life-sized cheeseburgers, no-dogs-allowed signage and room-spanning jockstraps considered. Plus: Vine star Elliott Smith!

SAARA, whose "What Languages Sound Like To Foreigners" catapulted her into online-fame, was signed to Capitol Records last year, and "Ur Cool," a head-on collision of Katy Perry's "This Is How We Do" and Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl," goes down like a Red Bull for breakfast—consider supplementing with a glass of water, lest you really, truly sprout a pair of wings.

"I think you're really cool / I like you a lot / Maybe we can hang out or something," she poses plainly in the clip, which finds her voguing, shooting the breeze with a martial arts-trained wolf and trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue while in a tank top. What, like your Saturday nights aren't like this?

Into SAARA and her Lisa Frank-accented Trapper Keeper stylings? Dying for a manicure that could support multiple video game platforms, or a neon light fixture depicting crying lips? Share your "Ur Cool" thoughts, and hang tight for more news on the artist's forthcoming EP!