The trailer for the politically-charged, action-packed thriller 'Safe House,' featuring Denzel Washington as a brilliant CIA operative who has gone off the rails and gone rogue, features the Watch the Throne track 'No Church in the Wild' by Kanye West and Jay-Z, with an assist from Frank Ocean, in its trailer.

The trailer is two-and-a-half minutes of nail-biting, blood pressure-raising, don't-blink-or-you'll-miss-something action, with 'No Church in the Wild' and its beats and raps unfolding behind the action at about the 1:20 mark.

The song is set to a blow 'em up action sequence montage, much of which features actor Ryan Reynolds as the man tasked with getting Washington's rogue agent back in line. The rest of the action pertains to Washington and his attempts to outsmart and evade those looking to capture him. There's lots of guns firing, cars accelerating, chases, accidents, concerned superiors and pensive looks on the faces of the characters that are smack dab in the middle of all this drama! It'll certainly push you to the very edge of your movie theater seat.

'Safe House' lands at the multiplex on Feb. 10.

Watch the 'Safe House' Trailer Feat. 'No Church in the Wild'