Choreographer Matt Steffanina unveiled his new dance video set to Sam Hunt's “Leave the Night On” and it’s so much fun you’ll definitely be watching this one on repeat. We’re partnering with Taste of Country to debut the video for you guys, as well as to give you some insight behind Sam and Matt's partnership.

This isn't the first dance video Matt has choreographed set to one of Sam's songs. He previously released an amazing routine set to "Take Your Time." (Among many other amazing pop and hip-hop songs!)

Billy Dukes from Taste of Country had a chance to speak with Sam about working with Matt. When Dukes asks Sam if he's much of a dancer Sam said, "No, I'm not really a big dancer in general. I like to dance, but it's not like I have a big repertoire of moves."

So how, exactly, did this partnership take place? Sam said, "The first time we met was after he had already done a video for a song called 'Take Your Time'… We haven’t gotten to know each other really well, but he seemed like a really great guy. Really, really talented."

Sam went on to praise Matt and his talent, saying that he had no hesitations about seeing the dance routines set to his music, "I’m a big fan of what Matt does and of that style of dance in general, I’m very intrigued with it. He’s very, very talented and all the folks in his crew and the folks that he teaches are all talented. I was on board from the beginning."

Check out Matt Steffanina's dance video for Sam Hunt's "Leave the Night On" above!