You say Golden Arches, drunk Sam Smith says giant, fluorescent middle finger.

After literally partying until the sun came up in Rio de Janeiro, the "Writing's on the Wall" singer proved celebrity hasn't gone to his head—he bolted straight to the international safe haven of the inebriated: McDonald's. The one closest to Smith, though, had been closed for some time, and in a video posted to TMZ (you can watch the full video here), Smith looks as incredulous in the early hours as someone who'd just had his life savings swiped by the Hamburglar. You. Can't. Be. Serious.

"It's closed? Shut up!" Smith poses to a group of fans who have gathered around him, who caution that the eatery's been out of operation since 5 AM.

Then, just for the sake of clarity: "Is it open?"

Still, he's not willing to accept the group's supposition as the word of God, and desperately pleads for his interim posse to check a final source:

"Could you Google? Could you guys Google?" he pleads. "Shut the f--- up!"

Why aren't you Googling?!

Finally, Smith appears to accept his fate—and snaps a few photos with the group in spite of his disappointment—but jeez, aren't these things supposed to be open for, like, 24 hours, anyway?

"It's supposed to be 24 hours!"


Check out the clip, and remember: part of drinking responsibly is wedging a preventative Cliff bar into your sock.

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