Sam Smith released the music video for ‘Like I Can’ and it’s a total black-tie affair.

Despite his past music videos being pretty somber in nature (which makes sense when you consider the fact that his album 'In the Lonely Hour' is the most heart wrenching album to come out in years), Sam is showing off a new side of himself with his latest effort. The music video for 'Like I Can,' shot totally in black-and-white, starts out with a huge group of men in tuxedos walking along the Brooklyn Bridge (well, we assume it's the Brooklyn Bridge, anyway). They then go to a restaurant, and there’s even a short dance sequence, where one of the guys climbs a fire escape while holding a flower. By the end of the video, the guys are just hanging out in a bar, knocking back shot after shot.

It's a pretty upbeat, fun video -- despite the nature of the song. Kind of like Sam's songs, in general. That vocal melody is deceptively cheerful, but once you listen to the lyrics, you can feel your heart being pummeled with sadness, over and over again.

Check out Sam's video for 'Like I Can' above, and let us know what you think of it!