Sam Smith probably had one of the best nights of his life last night (Feb. 8) when he took home four Grammy Awards. He managed to endear himself to the public with his super sweet speeches, his humble attitude and -- let's not forget what the awards are all about -- his totally killer performance of 'Stay With Me' with the legendary Mary J. Blige. All in all, it was a good night for Sam.

The fact that the pain of heartbreak is what led him to this point is what, undoubtedly, made his winning all the sweeter. So when Sam declared his gratitude, on national television, to the man who broke his heart for being the inspiration behind his winning album, we were totally rooting for him.

He later explained to Rolling Stone that he'll be seeing that same man when he heads back to England, and he'll even let him handle his award. He said, "I'll be seeing him soon. So I can let him touch the Grammy -- once." We're glad Sam can have a sense of humor about this, because there's no feeling that sucks more on this planet than one of absolute heartbreak. If only all of us could penn award winning albums as subtle retribution.

It just goes to show that nothing heals a broken heart better than time and a few prestigious awards.

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