Sara Bareilles is notorious for slamming the airwaves with irresistibly catchy love tunes, but as of late, she's been popping out addicting music videos to match. The 'Uncharted' hitmaker channels 'Grease' in her new dance-happy 'Gonna Get Over You' video, which was directed by funny man Jonah Hill.

It's clear from just a few seconds into this clip that Sara is in the mood to dance. As she makes her way down a random street in what we can only assume is Los Angeles, she picks up patrons to join her, and by the end of the video it's a full-on dance party -- at least in her mind.

While the folks in the supermarket are unsuspecting, no one puts up a fight when it comes time to catch the toe-tapping fever. Just one touch from Sara B. is all it takes and men and women, young and old, are on their feet, shuffling to the choreographed moves in matching clothes right alongside her. That makes more sense following the big grocery store confetti scene, when the camera goes 'real life' and we realize that Sara has been dancing her heart out all by her lonesome, completely imagining the flash mob around her.

Sadly, she gets kicked out of the store, but we can't help but love her more than ever. Who knew that Sara Bareilles was music's so good bad girl? P.S., Great job, Jonah!

Watch the Sara Bareilles 'Gonna Get Over You' Video