It's supposed to be blind auditions for the coaches on 'The Voice,' but Monday night's episode began by leaving the viewers in the dark to who was singing. Nobody was quite sure if the contestant was young or old, male or female -- until Cee Lo Green hit his plunger to signify Sarah Golden had been chosen based purely on her voice.

It's the way the Houston, Texas native wanted it to go. Before her audition, the folk singer talked about being asked to change her look in order to sign with two different record labels. She refused. "I would love to just be me and look like me and have that be OK," Golden said, before singing an unreal version of 'You and I' by Lady Gaga.

Blake Shelton also turned his chair around to compete for the voice he called honest, real and refreshing. Green talked about looking for contestants that were diverse. "So in other words, Cee Lo would like you to be an experiment on his team," Shelton quipped. It seemed Golden would choose the country singer, until things took a turn towards the dirty.

"I want you both," she said. "Oh, you can't handle us both baby," Green answered instinctively, not knowing the comment won him another contestant for Team Green. "He was in appropriate and I was like, 'Alright we're gonna hang,'" Golden told host Carson Daly.

Afterward, Shelton lamented not winning the rootsy singer for his team. "A lot of people don't realize Cee Lo is normally asleep during this show, that's why he wears the big sunglasses."

Watch Sara Golden Perform Lady Gaga's 'You and I' on 'The Voice'