Sarah Hyland unveiled her new short hair on Instagram this past weekend (March 21) and we are seriously obsessed.

She admitted to taking out her extensions a week ago when she first debuted shorter hair, writing, "Last week I got my extensions out!! It's lob time!... For a week. Love my ladies at @ninezeroone." But it looks like she decided to really take the plunge and commit to super short hair by chopping off even more of it just a few days later. She captioned a photo of her new hair with, "Aaaaand it's gone. Summer hair! Thank you @nikkilee901 for always keeping my hair healthy and for givin me the freshest cuts."

Fans were also loving Sarah's new 'do, with @samarahrenay writing, "You make me want to cut my hair! @therealsarahhyland it's so cute I love it so much!! you can literally pull off anything!" As Sarah mentioned in her Instagram caption, the shorter hair comes just in time for summer. It'll definitely be easier (and cooler!) to work with short hair when it's insanely hot out, so we're sure she'll be especially grateful she decided to cut it when it's 100 degrees out.

Sarah later posted another photo on Instagram showing her hanging out on the beach with four of her friends, and we have to admit -- her hair is totally appropriate for beach weather. We're also ridiculously jealous, because beach weather has yet to reach the east coast, but maybe when it does we'll all be inspired to cut our hair short, too.

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