If anyone knows how to make an entrance, it's Sarah Jessica Parker.

Just two years ago, the former Sex and the City actress wore a scene-stealing headpiece to the 2013 Met Gala -- just to have Jennifer Lawrence totally upstage her by photobombing the hell out of it. So, she went home, regrouped and reconsidered -- emerging two years later at the 2015 Met Gala with yet another headpiece meant to draw the attention away from everyone else and have countless media outlets focus solely on Sarah. It is totally working.

The flame-inspired headdress was, according to SJP's Instagram, created by London-based designer Philip Treacy. She paired it with a long, one-shouldered, black satin gown that was embellished with red flowers and a long sash. Parker's dress is from her own collaboration with H&M, and her shoes were also of her own design. There's nothing we appreciate more than some hardcore self-promotion, and if anyone knows how to hustle, it's clearly SJP. Get it.

We have to hand it to Sarah for being totally fearless when it comes to fashion. Even though so much of her fashionista status is credited to Patricia Field's (mostly) expert styling on Sex and the City, Sarah manages to seriously bring it on the red carpet every time. That's not something everyone can pull off, so kudos to Sarah for really going for it and making headlines without being garish.

Check out a photo of Sarah on the red carpet above!

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