While most female celebs may carry a lipgloss or a mint in their clutch on the 2014 Emmy Awards red carpet, Sarah Silverman brought something a little more helpful: some weed.

As she opened up her clutch to E! host Giuliana Rancic, the comedienne pulled out a "vape pen," which she explained as "my pot. My liquid pot." While Rancic quickly wanted to change the subject, it was clear that Silverman had absolutely no shame.

And when she talked to NBC's 1st Look reporter, Silverman once again took another opportunity to talk about the pot in her purse, and this time she definitely seemed a little, uh, out of it -- and many took notice, with various different news outlets (not to mention Twitter) deeming that, without a doubt, she was high already.

Hey -- it's already in her bag. It definitely wouldn't be that far of a stretch!

Watch Sarah Silverman reveal her "liquid pot" in the video above.

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