Kanye West took to the 'Saturday Night Live' stage last night (May 18) to perform two new tracks from 'Yeezus.'

West performed the primal, furious, apparently Nine Inch Nails-inspired 'Black Skinhead' next, being introduced by Ben Affleck as "the man you came to see." Of course, this is Yeezy we're talking about, so there had to be some controversy -- and there was, as West said "n----" on live television.

West closed with 'New Slaves,' the video of which he premiered on the sides of buildings worldwide on Friday (May 17).

West's new material is angry, industrial and aimed at hating consumerism. But don't be fooled -- he accomplished everything while sporting designer duds. If you're hungry for more of West's ranting, pick up 'Yeezus' when it drops June 18 ... or just try taking a photo of him on the street.

Watch Kanye West Perform 'Black Skinhead' on 'Saturday Night Live'