'Saturday Night Live' paid tribute to the late Whitney Houston on the eve of her death, Feb. 11. The lights went out during a sketch, in which a photo of Houston and Molly Shannon appeared from their famous 1996 'Superstar' singoff sketch.

In the sketch, Houston plays Jennifer, a talented but very bratty choir girl. She aims to outdo all of her fellow choir members, including Will Ferrell's Sean Patrick Flannery and  Shannon as Mary Katherine Gallagher. Gallagher is the drum accompaniment to Houston as Jennifer's 'Little Drummer Boy,' which Jennifer meets with complete and visible disdain -- to everyone but the nun in charge, played by Rosie O'Donnell.

As soon as Houston begins to sing, Gallagher steps in front of her with the drum in an effort to upstage her. Nice try, Mary Katherine, but it ain't gonna happen! Gallagher then tries drumming over "the perfect Jennifer's" voice. In a beautiful live TV moment, O'Donnell and Houston almost break character when they begin giggling.

Houston was the musical guest for the episode, which was part of her promotional tour for her starring role in 'The Preacher's Wife.' She began the show with an incredible solo rendition of 'I Believe in You And Me' and closed it with a full blown gospel choir to perform 'I Go to the Rock.' Her performances remain some of the best the show has seen, and her talents will be greatly missed.

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