The Saw series' terrifying Jigsaw villain is back to haunt your very nightmares...with internet-related waking nightmares you've probably had before.

Have you ever felt the sheer terror of accidentally liking a year-old Instagram photo posted by your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend's new love, then wondering, "SHOULD I delete my own Instagram and change my name to solve this"? If so, the events in Mashable's new parody video may be hauntingly familiar.

"There's a key inside the computer...and the only way to get it out is to like this photo of your coworker on Facebook," Jigsaw tells one of his three captives, who are chained up in his dungeon Saw-style. The man is as horrified as any of us would be ("What? NO! It's from like four years ago and I barely know her!"), but he's forced to cut off his own dignity, just to get free.

Responding to your uncle's lengthy, racist Facebook post is just one of the traumas you'll endure in this house of digital horrors, which also unleashes bone-chilling tasks like watching 10 minutes of a bad Vine compilation and listening to a terrible app pitch. The internet is truly a monster of our own collective making.

Watch Saw VII: Internet Torture above.