Motherhood hasn't changed Scarlett Johansson one bit — or so she claims in her Saturday Night Live promos.

The actress appeared alongside Kenan Thompson in her teasers for her hosting gig on May 2. Scarlett's promos addressed everything from National Scat Day (is it a real thing?) to her apparent hard-partying behavior.

As always, the teasers gave us a glimpse at what to expect from the hosts. In this case, we're going to bet that the actress will make fun of herself — after all, Kenan does call her "ScarJo" — and she'll likely appear as Black Widow in an Avengers: Age of Ultron-related skit.

However, the key takeaway from Scarlett's SNL promos is that, like Taylor Swift, she gets a little weepy after drinking wine (though the "Style" singer told Rolling Stone she cries over Joni Mitchell, whereas Scarlett sobbed about how adorable her daughter is). The actress gave birth to a daughter named Rose Dorothy back in September.

Scarlett's hosting gig is the latest in a massive press tour promoting the new Avengers movie. We're not sure if she can top Jeremy Renner's incredible "Thinking Out Loud" cover or Sesame Street's "Aveggies" parody, but we know she'll have us cracking up.

You can see Avengers: Age of Ultron when it hits theaters on May 1. Don't forget to tune into Saturday Night Live on May 2 to see Scarlett host with musical guest Wiz Khalifa.

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