We're guessing a certain someone isn't a fan of Miley Cyrus' new haircut. An intruder wielding scissors (say it with us now: WTF?) was arrested at her home late last night (Sept. 7).

The intruder, Jason Luis Rivera, jumped Miley's fence in Los Angeles and said he wanted to meet her. Creepy! Cyrus wasn't home at the time, but someone at her place called 911 and cops arrived at the scene shortly after. Video of the arrest hit TMZ (of course), and it's pretty bizarre to watch.

Two police officers stand outside of Cyrus' property and firmly say, "Step out of the gate." Rivera doesn't oblige, so the officers enter the property. We can't see what's happening once they're inside, but you can hear the officers giving Rivera instructions: "Put down the bag! Put your hands up and walk towards us ... Keep your hands up and walk towards us!"

Soon, they're back in view, and cops instruct Rivera to put his hands against the wall. We see the officers cuff Rivera and hear Cyrus' dogs bark in the background. (Thank heaven he didn't harm those pooches, because they are Cyrus' world!) He tells the cops, "Me and Miley have been friends for five years." Uh, pal, we think if you were friends, you wouldn't need to jump her fence!

We're glad Cyrus wasn't around at the time and so happy that she's safe!