Justin Bieber has certainly been through his ups and downs over the years, but his manager, Scooter Braun, is here to ensure fans that he really has been doing much better lately. According to an interview he had with Complex, Scooter doesn't gloss over the less-than-stellar incidents that Justin's been in, saying, "Things get overblown, but sometimes he makes mistakes [that I can't defend.] Sometimes it's frustrating because you think, 'I could've avoided that' or 'I could've helped you get through that.'"

The good news? Justin seems truly intent on changing his ways. Scooter goes on to say, "As he becomes more and more of a man each day, the challenge for him is learning who he is. He's in such an incredible place right now, and he's excited to share where he is... He's ready to step up and be the man people want him to be, and he got there on his own time, like all of us did."

Considering that just last week we reported that Justin's meeting with his probation officer went over without a hitch, things definitely seem to be going well for him. We definitely believed his heartfelt, emotional video, too. Finally, Scooter said, "I'm not interested in the mistakes that people make. I'm interested in how they react to them. That's what defines us." And considering the responsibility Justin's been taking for his actions, we're totally rooting for him.

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