'American Idol' contestant Scotty McCreery had to choose two songs from "Now and Then" tonight, and for his latter performance, McCreery channeled his No. 1 idol, Elvis Presley. The North Carolina native sang a touching rendition of the 1972 hit 'Always on My Mind.'

Unlike his first energetic performance of Montgomery Gentry's 'Gone,' McCreery slowed it down for his second performance. The 'Idol' hopeful sat on his stool, holding his microphone in his signature sideways manner, truly singing from his soul. His sentimental side came out, as McCreery sang the classic heartbreak ballad.

The judges loved Scotty, eating up his deep performance like a Thanksgiving turkey. "There's nothing awkward about you up there ... Just a true performer," Jennifer Lopez remarks. Randy Jackson tells McCreery, "When you do the simplest things, they get the loudest reaction. I'm happy to see the tender moments." Surprisingly, Steven Tyler was at a loss for words, simply saying, "I cannot pick that apart. That was a beautiful rendition of that song."

This season is so great, it is going to be sad to see someone go tomorrow. However, considering the way in which America and the judges support and love McCreery, we have a hunch he'll be around for a while longer.

Watch Scotty McCreery Perform 'Always on My Mind' on 'American Idol'