Reigning 'American Idol' Scotty McCreery played the biggest hits of his young career in a new performance and interview session for AOL Music.

The North Carolina native played four songs from his debut album, 'Clear as Day': The title track, 'Out of Summertime' and the hit singles, 'The Trouble With Girls' and 'I Love You This Big.' On 'The Trouble With Girls,' McCreery's band delivered a quiet version of the song, letting the singer's deep voice take over the track.

During the interview, McCreery recalled how 'I Love You This Big' was chosen as his first single. "There were a lot of factors that played into getting that single. It had to be right for the 'Idol' finale moment, but then it had to be good for radio as well," McCreery explained. "That was really the one we thought could have that balance ... it was really just a great song. It can be related to a lot of different things."

The 18-year-old also discussed the emotional track 'Clear as Day.' "The county right over next to me has one of the highest death totals for teenagers in car accidents," McCreery said. "I've known some of those kids and I've known friends of those kids, so those are tough times. Every time I sing that, those memories are flashing back in my head."

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